Addressed Admail

Take control of your marketing dollars!!!

98% of ALL UNADDRESSED AD MAIL ends up in the recycle bin BEFORE THE CONSUMER READS IT! Making success rate of this method less than 2%.

FOR BETTER RESULTS, use ADDRESSED ADMAIL. Addressed mail goes directly to the consumer with their name and address. Addressed admail allows your marketing piece to be seen.

We have already done the work for you by researching mailing lists of prospective clients in the Georgina area, each area consists of 1000 names and addresses. We will send out your piece in a #10 envelope personalized with the homeowner’s name and address, along with the inserts from a few other businesses. Direct Mail Promotion gives you the benefit of addressed admail at the cost of unaddressed admail!

All inserts will be printed on perfect certified stock which means you – the advertiser – are taking the initiative to be responsible for the environment. As an added incentive to our participants, we are putting an entry ballot for a gift certificate in each envelope for the recipient to submit at the participating establishments.


Strength in numbers! By grouping a few businesses together, we can give you the benefit of addressed admail for less than unaddressed admail. We want you to be able to take advantage of this opportunity to try addressed admail, so please call soon, these mail pieces are limited to just a few advertisers per envelope.